Vitamin D And Prostate Cancer Treatment

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This knowledge has led to epidemiologic stu.s investigating theociation between vitamin D deficiency and prostate cancer. At the time of publication, subjects had discontinued treatment because of a variety of factors, including the development of metastatic disease n = , a fold increase in serum PSA .Researchers don t know yet whether taking a vitamin D supplement or getting more sun exposure can help to prevent, treat, or manage prostate cancer. If you have prostate cancer and want to take vitamin D, it is unlikely to make your prostate cancer worse or cause you any harm, as long as you take less than , IU per . Prostate cancer will affect men. However, the disease will be fatal in only , due to its potential for slow growth. Urologists often monitor the slower, low risk cases to determine which will evolve into more significant and aggressive disease. Instead of treating the disease in low risk patients, they .Prostate cancer tends to be more aggressive in men with low levels of vitamin D. Among African American men, low vitamin D is also linked to a higher risk of developing prostate cancer..