Prostate Cancer Seed Implant Side Effects

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Jump to What Are The Side Effects? Diarrhea is rare. The impotence rate at five years after the procedure is about usingchytherapy alone. If hormone therapy is added, the impotence rate rises depending on the duration of the hormonal treatment. Bowel problems can sometimes happen and include rectal pain, burning pain and diarrhea..

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    However, at some point, usually weeks after the implant, the symptoms will begin to improve. By months, most men who have a Pd prostate seed implant, will say that their urinary function is back to normal, and that they are getting up at night one extra time or the same number of times as they did before the implant..

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    WebMD describes how radioactive seed implants, is used to treat prostate cancer. Learn about the procedure, side effects, and risks..

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    Prostate Seed Implant Urinary side effects are temporary but common for patients undergoing prostate cancer treatment.chytherapy side effects may include .

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    Potential Side Effects of I Prostate Seed Implants. Any medical treatment may cause side effects or put you at risk for a more serious and or permanent complication..